Pokemon Go: June 2021 Community Day: Start Dates, Gible Confirmed, Mega Evolutions and More

Gible will be the featured Pokemon during June 2021 Community Day

Another month on the horizon can only mean one thing in Pokemon Go, another Community Day.

During May, trainers took full advantage of Swablu and managed to get themselves an Altaria, with Mega Altaria appearing in raids for the first time, going hand in hand with Xerneas and Yveltal who recently made their debuts as part of the Luminous Legends X and Y event.

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As always, June’s Community Day will feature a special research ticket which can be purchased for 99p from the Pokemon Go store in-game, which will activate special tasks which provide unique awards for those that take part, which is titled “Just a Nibble.”

However, purchasing this is entirely optional – but those that make this decision will come across as many encounters, and as a result, end up with fewer candies and evolutions as a result.

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Here is everything that you need to know about Pokemon Go June 2021 Community Day:

Start Dates

The Community Day is set to get underway on 6th June 2021, with players being able to catch the featured Pokemon and start limited research at 11 am local time, with the event drawing to a close at 5 pm local time.

Gible Confirmed

Gible, the Land Shark Pokemon, will be in the spotlight this month as it will be appearing a lot more frequently in the wild during the Community Day hours.

Gible will be the featured Pokemon during June 2021 Community DAy

This will give players plenty of time to evolve Gible into Garchomp, accompanied with a 3x catch XP bonus during these hours and three-hour incenses will be activated during this event.

Gible can also be obtained in a Shiny variant, which will become a prized possession for those trainers that can get their hands on this Pokemon.

Mega Evolutions

Details regarding Mega Evolutions are yet to be disclosed, and we will update this section once details become available.

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