Santi Cazorla: Arsenal hero showed how two-footed he was from corner

  • Rob Swan

Santi Cazorla spent six years in the Premier League with Arsenal and was an absolute joy to watch.

The Spaniard, who joined the Gunners from Malaga in 2012, is arguably one of the most technically gifted players the Premier League has ever seen.

That may sound like a big statement but there wasn’t much Cazorla couldn’t do with a football. His close control, in particular, was outstanding.

What separated Cazorla from most of his peers was his ability to play off either foot.

The vast majority of professional footballers have a stronger foot but it was almost impossible to tell whether Cazorla was better with his right or left.


This ambidexterity had many advantages both for Cazorla and Arsenal during matches.

When Cazorla switched feet to take Arsenal corner

Back in 2016, for example, Arsenal were playing away at Watford when Cazorla stepped up to take a corner with his right foot.


Laurent Koscielny felt an inswinging corner would be more beneficial, so he instructed his teammate to swap to his left foot instead.


Cazorla duly obliged, positioning himself to the other side of the corner flag before sending the corner into the box with his left.


Video: Cazorla’s corner for Arsenal vs Watford

Watch the footage here…

Now that’s what you call a true two-footed player. Santi was a proper baller.

Cazorla: How I became so two-footed

In an interview with Arsenal’s official website in 2015, Cazorla explained how he became so two-footed.

“I have always preferred the right foot, ever since I was younger I was a little bit hurt in my right ankle once, and that is when I started to use my left foot a lot more,” he said.


“Being able to use both feet is something that came quite naturally to me ever since I started playing. However, it is something I continuously work on in a very strong manner to ensure that my level never gets any lower.

“Everything comes from a base of hard work. After training sessions I would stay an extra half-an-hour and kick the ball against the wall with my weaker foot over and over again to make sure it becomes stronger and better. Players should remember that everything comes from hard work.”

Where is Cazorla now?

After leaving Arsenal in 2018, following several injury-hit campaigns, Cazorla went on to revive his career with Villarreal.

The former Spain international, 36, is currently enjoying himself playing under Xavi for Al Sadd in Qatar.


In 15 matches this season, Cazorla has bagged 10 goals.

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