GTA 5: Gamer completes entire game without taking a single hit


GTA speedrunning has increased in popularity lots over the past year.

It involves gamers attempting to complete an entire game, such as GTA, in just one sitting.

There are leader boards online for challengers and the current fastest time taken to complete GTA 5 in its classic format is 5hr 51m 44s.

This week, the speedrunner UnNameD completed the One Hit KO (OHKO) run in nine hours which he then uploaded to his YouTube channel in three parts. He claimed it was his 48th attempt at the speedrun, using a mod that killed him instantly if he took any damage at all.

His achievement is a coveted one, and many rival speedrunners have been unsuccessful in their attempts to do the same.

Streamer DarkViperAU has been trying the OHKO run for a long time, broadcasting his attempts on both Twitch and YouTube, with no success in his 27 tries.

It’s safe to say that DarkViperAU wasn’t best pleased with UnNameD’s methods in completing the speedrun.

In a now-deleted comment, brought to light by a post on the Reddit thread r/LiveStreamFail, DarkViperAU claims while he has always helped others, others speedrunners have never helped him. 

“The continued knowledge that I was running at a disadvantage with a quickly running out clock caused me to prioritize doing runs even when I should have been recovering from illness or fulfilling other obligations. In my attempt to beat this clock I suffered mentally, physically, financially, and even in terms of people’s perception of my character.

“People would spam ‘take a break’ at me all day, knowing nothing of this context. It was my own little personal hell. I of course did have to do some things other than OHKO runs but I could not fully enjoy or avoid stress and guilt whilst away from the runs for even a day.”

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UnNameD has unsurprisingly argued against this and claimed he did try and share his strats with DarkViperAU to no avail. Further demonstrating the disharmony between the two, UnNameD says he’s now banned from DarkViperAU’s Discord.

Since, DarkViperAU has said he still wants to complete the unscathed speedrun, but also will not use any of UnNameD’s strategies in doing so as he doesn’t want to give him any credit.

On Twitter, he seemed to want to finish OHKO before going onto any normal speedrunning, showing his determination to get one up on UnNameD.

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