Roy Hodgson: When Englishman lost his head in interview at West Brom

Crystal Palace manager, Roy Hodgson

Roy Hodgson takes charge of his last ever game as Crystal Palace manager on Sunday in their match against Liverpool at Anfield.

The 73-year-old announced earlier this week that he was stepping down as Palace boss after four years with the club and was retiring from management.

“After more than 45 years of coaching I have decided that the time is right for me to step away from the rigours of top-flight Premier League football," he said, per Crystal Palace's official website.

"The moment is right for me to step down from my responsibilities of being a full-time manager."

Hodgson has had a long and successful managerial career.

He has managed five Premier League clubs: Blackburn Rovers, Fulham, Liverpool, West Brom and Palace.

It was at The Baggies where Hodgson completely lost it in one of the most extraordinary post-match interviews in Premier League history.

Back in 2011, Hodgson's West Brom side had just beaten Bolton 2-1 but the Englishman still reacted badly to one of the reporter's questions.

"I thought we played very well," Hodgson began. "We were rocked back by a decision that I find hard to accept..."

It all goes downhill from there when the reporter interrupts Hodgson and asks him which one.

Hodgson: "Which one do you think?"

Reporter: "I'm asking you."

Hodgson: "I'll leave it then. If you're going to be tricky like that I won't even bother to carry on. Let's stop it here, shall we?"

Reporter: "No I'm genuinely asking you which one..."

Roy Hodgson, Crystal Palace boss

Hodgson: "Let's start again. Let's start again. How many were there? They only had two shots at goal. One was a penalty and one was a strike at goal that our goalkeeper saved. Let's not take the p*** here."

Reporter: "I certainly wasn't..."

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Hodgson: "Well I think you were. We can start again or you can use that if you want?"

Reporter: "I don't think they'll want that... It was a genuine question."

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Hodgson: "Well I won't mention it then. There wasn't a f***** penalty in the game. There wasn't any of those ridiculous decisions. That didn't happen. So let's just talk about the performance."

The interview then begins again but Hodgson will still visibly unhappy as all his answers were blunt.

Hodgson may or may not look at that interview 10 years ago and feel bad. 

Regardless, there's no denying that he's had a brilliant managerial career and has been one of the league's best managers in the last decade.

Happy retirement, Roy.

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