WATCH: Tyson Fury batters Deontay Wilder in their second fight


With the news that the fight everyone wanted to see being put on hold; we may get the next best fight.

This morning Tyson Fury signed a contract for another rematch against Deontay Wilder. So, although we won’t see the Battle of the Brits, we will get another chapter in the Wilder vs Fury book.

With this, we shall look at the previous chapter of this fascinating story.

Ah February 2020, it feels like a lifetime ago. However, we were ready for a massive fight between two juggernauts in boxing.

The first round was a tense affair with both producing good jabs, assessing their opponents.

The second round was very similar but produced an explosive ending with Wilder producing a strong hit before throwing a wild punch, which Fury dodged underneath to comeback up and produce a strong right hook at the sound of the bell.

It went down in the third round. Fury was electric, whereas Wilder looked jaded. The result was an impressive right hand, dropping Wilder to the canvas.

Wilder quickly got up but Fury repeatedly pushes Wilder to the ropes, looking for the KO. Although Wilder went down to the canvas thanks to some jelly legs, the American survived the round.

The fourth round was a quiet round, but in the fifth Fury opened the round with a hard-hitting right jab when Wilder dropped his left-hand guard.

Followed by a body shot which dropped Wilder again. Wilder downed onto the canvas three times in three rounds. It was all about Tyson Fury.

Wilder looked tired and exhausted. Fury noticed this, where he once again dominated the ring, keeping Wilder on the ropes, looking for that elusive KO which would make him World Heavyweight Champion!

In the seventh round, Wilder is forced into a corner and Fury went crazy, resulting in the referee stepping to call a TKO.

What a fight! Now thinking about it, this is probably going to be better than the proposed Joshua vs Fury fight.

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