Formula 1: Christian Horner reveals tough first day at Red Bull with 'secretary in tears'

christian horner

Speaking to the High Performance Podcast, Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner has revealed the rather amusing yet difficult first day he had to endure back in 2005 as the team’s new boss.

At the end of 2004, Red Bull bought out Jaguar to embark on a new era for the team that was once Stewart and, of course, the plan would be to try and enjoy far greater success than the Jags ever did in their spell in the sport between 2000 and ’04 where things, ultimately, were difficult more often than not.

Of course, that is exactly what Horner and the Red Bull team have done with four Constructors’ and Drivers’ world titles achieved in the years since and they’re looking for further success this season up against Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton.

However, it’s not always been plain sailing and, speaking to the High Performance Podcast, Horner recalled his first-day at Red Bull and how difficult it was to try and obviously convince he was the right man for the job of leading the entire outfit.

Looking back on his first day at the team’s HQ in January 2005, he said:

“The company had been brought together and then it was ‘ta-da, this is Christian Horner,’ he’s now going to be the new Team Principal.

christian horner

“I looked out at this sea of faces thinking who’s this kid that they’d never heard of. I went back to what was my office and I had a secretary in tears because her previous boss had just been fired.

“I had his Christmas cards on the desk, his coffee cup, half drunk. And it was like, okay, so this is the start. This is the start and a pretty disgruntled workforce all went home at five o’clock I think in protest. So it was then a question of, right, okay, I’ve got to learn about this team.”

Horner certainly did a good job of getting to know his team and getting them onside, though, with Red Bull becoming one of the most successful outfits in the sport and also earning a reputation for being a genuinely fun place to work.

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