Deathloop: Will Multiplayer Be Included?

Deathloop will be coming to PlayStation 5 on 14th September 2021

Deathloop is coming one of the most talked-about new titles in recent years as fans brace for Bethesda’s latest creation.

The game provides an intriguing storyline in which players take control of Colt, who is effectively stuck in a time loop and not even death can cause the loop to be broken, hence its name.

It takes place on the island of Blackreef where there appears to be one big party happening, with a large number of inhabitants looking to take Colt out. With the combination of various weapons and superpowers, Colt has to eliminate eight targets before midnight or the same day will start all over again.

To make things even more challenging and equally as confusing, Colt is being hunted by an equally skilled assassin in the name of Julianna, who can disguise herself as different enemies in the game. Her mission is to take him out at all costs which is set to provide an interesting gaming experience.

At this stage, it is yet to be seen how the game will keep both Julianna and Colt apart as the story progresses and whether there are any other characters of significance that will help Colt towards his goal of escaping the loop.

Deathloop is launching as a timed exclusive for Playstation 5 and PC on 14th September, despite Bethesda signing a multi-million dollar exclusivity deal with Microsoft recently.

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Will Multiplayer Be Added?

The good news for those keen to get their hands on Deathloop is that, yes, multiplayer will be available for this game.

However, it will not be your typical deathmatch modes that you will find on the likes of Call of Duty or battle royales that we see on Fortnite and Apex Legends, there is much more to it than meets the eye.

Deathloop will allow players to play the way they want, as multiplayer typically provides, but not many games allow you to play as the villain that Deathloop provides, as gamers can play as Julianna to hunt down Colt.

This provides a unique element to the game that not many other games have, albeit enemies are made as generic to tie in with respective storylines.

Information is still limited regarding Deathloop multiplayer and we will update this once more details are revealed by Arkane Studios and Bethesda.

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