Call of Duty Mobile Season 4: When Is The Release Date?

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 is on its way and many players will be wondering when it will be released.

The game has been highly enjoyed by gamers and the first three seasons of the popular mobile shooter spanned from the future to apocalyptic settings, and modern-day battlefields.

In Season 4 players of COD Mobile will be playing in Western times, and this is a completely new idea from past seasons, so will be a very fresh season for the community.

It is an exciting season and with so many changes, it will feel like a new game for the COD community.

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When will Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 be Released?

As always, when a new season is on the horizon, the excitement builds massively and many want to find out all the information they can before it comes out.

An update for COD comes out practically every month. The third season is now finished as it ended today (May 27th), at around 1am BST.

When such a season ends, another comes pretty soon after if not immediately, so we should see, then we may see the launch of season 4 immediately after that. Therefore the new season should arrive later today (May 27).

Fans are in for a treat as they will have a lot of new content to get their hands on, which includes new game modes and maps.

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