YouTube vs TikTok Boxing: KSI makes his fight predictions for the event


The YouTube vs TikTok boxing event is only a couple of weeks away and YouTuber KSI has given his predictions on who he thinks will win some of the bigger fights on the night.

The event, which is happening at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami on June 12, has millions of fans excited and hoping their favourite influencers come out on top.

There is a lot at stake for the fights; not only are they battling to get the win for their social media platform, but they also have their pride as a lot of them have been making some pretty big statements in the build up to the fight.

We definitely have a great event to watch, and KSI’s predictions have given us some insight into what the YouTuber/boxer believes will go down on the night.

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KSI was doing a mukbang with fellow Sidemen member Simon Minter – better known as Miniminter – and the final question by a fan was for the YouTubers to predict some of the outcomes of the TikTok vs YouTube boxing event.

They discussed a few of the main fights and here is what KSI had to say about who he believed would come out on top.

Deji vs Vinnie Hacker

This one is a personal fight for KSI as his brother Deji is one of the boxers. It seems like KSI has full faith in Deji to get the win as he said: “I think Deji is going to easily win that.”

AnEsonGib vs Tayler Holder

KSI was not as certain about these two as he said: “I think Gib has a hard fight.” However after a lot of discussion about the two boxers KSI said: “I want Gib to win.”

Austin McBroom vs Bryce Hall

These two are the main event and have ruffled each other’s feathers a lot, so much so that when they met at the Press Conference they engaged in some pushing and both had to be held back.

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With both being American, many might have thought this was a harder one for KSI to pick, however he quickly came out with his answer and said: “I think Austin will win that. Bryce thinks he’s sick but he’s not”.

KSI is quite a good person to get predictions off as he has gone from YouTube to the boxing ring and famously beaten Logan Paul so his views should give a decent view on what should happen on the night.

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