WWE 2K22: Motion capture footage shows exciting new moves will be added to game

WWE 2K22 BTS footage shows exciting new moves will be added to game

The release of WWE 2K22 is approaching fast. 

Although we’re yet to get official confirmation of a date, the expectation is that the game will drop sometime around October – as it has done in previous years. 

Developers 2K are remaining tight-lipped on details too, with just one teaser trailer and a couple of ‘developer diaries’ being released so far. 

Interestingly though, the latest behind-the-scenes YouTube video gives away some juicy information, as it concentrates on motion capture for the game. 

The 50-second clip shares a sample of WWE Superstars hitting the mat to produce a ton of new moves (and update old favourites) for 2K22. 

Interestingly Lio Rush, who was released in April 2020, can be seen in some of the behind-the-scenes MoCap clips.

You can watch the video below: 

This certainly looks very exciting! It didn’t take fans very long to speculate over the new moves – and potentially new additions to the roster – for WWE 2K22. 

In the comments section on YouTube, one eagle-eyed gamer thinks he spotted three new moves being shown off:

  • Bronson Reed’s Air Raid Driver
  • Ilja Dragunov’s Torpedo Moscow
  • New Animation for Candice LeRae’s Finisher

If these moves are confirmed, it would certainly suggest that a real focus is being put on including NXT and NXT UK stars in the game. 

Dragunov is expected to feature in WWE 2K22

Reed and Dragunov are yet to appear on a 2K roster, but as two of the biggest developmental talents in WWE right now, it won’t be surprising to see them in this year’s game. 

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Meanwhile, other fans noticed that Rush and another former WWE star – T.J. Perkins – were amongst the wrestlers doing the motion capture. 

While we haven’t yet seen much in terms of actual gameplay for WWE 2K22 so far, the developers are certainly keeping excitement levels high with these behind-the-scenes videos. 

WWE 2K22 motion capture

This year’s release can’t come soon enough! 

Ahead of WWE 2K22’s release, all your favourite WWE Superstars will be in action on SmackDown, RAW and NXT, airing live to UK-based fans on BT Sport.

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