Formula 1: The key takeaways behind Christian Horner and Red Bull's rise

christian horner

Red Bull and Christian Horner have enjoyed a fine rise in Formula 1 from their introduction to the sport in 2005.

At the end of 2004, Red Bull bought out the Jaguar team with them struggling to put together consistent results.

Indeed, it was the plan from the drinks giant that they’d take over the team and eventually achieve Formula 1 supremacy – something they’d manage in 2010.

Four Constructors’ titles and four Drivers’ titles were racked up between 2010 and 2013 with Horner overseeing the rise to the top and, in the years since, he and the team have been looking to topple Mercedes who have taken over as the dominant force in Formula 1.

In 2021, there seems a good chance of them doing that as the two teams fight at the front of the grid and, with him now close to two decades of experience in the sport, it made obvious sense for him to be the latest guest on the High Performance Podcast.

It makes for a great listen but, if you’re looking for the key takeaways now before getting stuck into the full episode, we can help. As ever, GIVEMESPORT has picked out three key takeaways from the latest installment of the High Performance Podcast, with Horner revealing all on what it takes to be successful…

christian horner

You’ve got to work hard

First and foremost, Horner explained that you’ve got to work hard and really want whatever it is you’re aiming for in order to succeed and achieve.

He spoke early on in the podcast about his parents and the lessons they taught him and his siblings growing up as a family that didn’t have much in the way of riches or anything like that.

“The one thing that they instilled in all of us was that if you want to achieve something you’ve got to work hard for it.

“Part of it’s nature and some of it’s nurture and it’s that ethic of if you want something you’ve got to go out and earn it and achieve it.”

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Empower people

Horner also pressed on the importance of empowering people and supporting and surrounding yourself with the right ones.

Formula 1 is a team business and each team has hundredes of employees all aiming for the same goal – to win races.

You’ve got to be pulling in the right direction and remove any issues along the way to get to the final objective.

“Surround yourself with the right people, empower those people. Be clear in the ojectives and what the expectations are and try to remove the obstacles so they can do their job.”

horner webber vettel

Chase your dream

Finally, Horner was keen to express just how vital it is to follow your dreams and do that with your life, if it’s possible.

He said when something becomes a passion it’s only then you really enjoy life and he said that it’s crucial to make the most of what you’ve got and what you’re interested in doing.

“Don’t be afraid of chasing your dreams, of shooting for the stars because you might land on the moon. 

“You get one life and you’ve got to go for it. We’re here for such a small percentage of time, don’t waste it, go for it. Whatever it is, whatever gives you a passion in life chase it and don’t wait.

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