Jon Jones fires back at Chael Sonnen and brands former UFC rival 'pathetic'

Jon Jones Chael Sonnen

Jon Jones has brutally hit back at Chael Sonnen on Twitter in a series of now-deleted tweets.

The former UFC light-heavyweight champion responded to his former opponent's attempts to stir up trouble on social media.  

Sonnen's potty-mouthed cracks came in the form of a post on Twitter - one of his chief methods of communication - commenting on an original tweet from Jones essentially letting everyone know that he has some big plans in store for the future.  

Sonnen said: "Jon. There's more elegant ways to let the world know you picked up a Laxative company as a sponsor."

Predictably, Jones did not react too well, as he hit back at the 44-year-old.

He wrote: "Does your wife think about me as much as you do? 

"Why is my d--- constantly in your mouth? Get over me already."

Jon Jones Chael Sonnen
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Jon Jones

Where was Jon Jones born?

"As successful as you are it’s crazy to see you living in my shadow the way you do," he added.

"Just remember losers focus on winners."

Jon Jones

But 'Bones' didn't stop there, either, as he continued his tirade of abuse aimed at the Oregon native. 

He continued: "I honestly couldn't imagine hating someone so much. 

"Making YouTube videos about another man who already kicked your ass just to make a dollar.

"You're so beneath me it's pathetic."

Jon Jones Jon Jones Jon Jones

And Sonnen, who is currently employed by the UFC's broadcast partner ESPN, was quick to respond to the 33-year-old. 

He wrote: "Now Jon, that was hurtful... 

"You've got some grammar problems there, (former) Champ.

"Spend a little less $ on Tequila and a little more on an editor.

"I beat you

"I tore your toe off


Jon Jones

Sonnen came up short when he challenged Jones for the UFC light-heavyweight title in 2013, courtesy of some savage ground-and-pound in the first round, but the animosity has lasted even after Sonnen's retirement from the sport.

As for Jones, the Albuquerque native has not fought for the UFC since defeating Dominick Reyes at UFC 247 in February 2020

The two-time UFC light-heavyweight champion's future was called into further question on Saturday when UFC president Dana White said 'it wouldn't be a bad thing for him to go out on top'

But Randy Couture has claimed Francis Ngannou is the man to get the UFC GOAT firing again

And Couture believes that the newly-crowned UFC heavyweight champion will be able to maintain his grip on the belt 'for a long time.'

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