Deathloop: Gameplay Features Explained

Deathloop will be released for PlayStation 5 and PC before the end of 2021

Deathloop is on the way in 2021 and gamers are already excited about its imminent arrival.

There are plenty of questions that intrigued fans are regarding this time travel twist of a game, who will take over Colt who is trying to escape from a neverending time loop, not even death will aid his escape, hence the name.

Colt must eliminate eight key figures, called “visionaries”, within 24 hours to break the loop before the day starts again, while an incessant party takes place on the island of Blackreef.

However, it is not that simple for Colt. He is consistently being hunted by assassin Julianna, whose mission is to eliminate him and keep the time cycle going at all costs. Arkane Studios have not revealed any further information about the story at this stage about the story.

Deathloop will be one of the only Bethesda exclusive releases for PlayStation 5

Despite this, the game’s developers have now provided an insight into what players of Deathloop can expect once it is launched in September 2021.

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Gameplay Features

As the release date edges ever closer, it appears that Arkane, along with PlayStation, have revealed some of the cards in their poker hand.

Dinga Bakaba, Deathloop’s Game Director, said that he wanted the player to experience ultimate freedom in the game, despite being guided through a world and storyline early on. While there are on-screen prompts that act as a tutorial, navigating through Colt’s memories, will help players get up to speed quickly.

Gamers will have the ability to explore four different districts, along with different time periods, as the time loop progresses.

Speaking to Playstation’s official blog, Bakaba said: “Now you have this moment where you can choose between the four districts. And then you go into a district, you do something and you get out, and then time moves to the next period.

Deathloop will have DualSense features with Dynamic weapons and abilities to control

“At this moment, so that you’re not lost, you end this opening section with a pair of leads, like an investigation. All of these leads have steps; it could be something like go to Aleksis’ space and go through her stuff to know more about Egor, or something like that. Those are your goals. That’s how you progress. You can also do those steps in the order that you want.”

Bakaba added: “You’re very free with your progression. It’s not a game where a day is something that you do from beginning to end, and when you die, you have to restart the whole game over and over. That’s definitely not the case here. It’s about what you are doing in the world that keeps resetting itself.”

This is interesting news for players, suggesting that there is more choice than we might have expected. There is a choice in regards to how the game can be navigated - rather than a strict script being stuck to, with time advancing as you leave a specific district.

Whether this “feeling of mastery” will see the game branch out like Call of Duty has with Warzone, taking influence from free-to-play titles such as Fortnite and Apex Legends, remains to be seen.

We will update this article as more details become available closer to the launch.

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