WWE reportedly bringing famous championship belt out of retirement for exciting storyline

WWE could bring back famous title belt for NXT storyline

We've seen some incredible title belt designs in WWE over the years. 

From the 'Winged Eagle' World Heavyweight Championship to the previous designs of the Intercontinental belt, fans and Superstars have been treated to some seriously stunning gold. 

We remember so many of the classics fondly and sometimes it's the stranger-looking belts that live long in the memory. 

Take the 'Million Dollar' belt, for example. 

It's one of the most iconic titles in WWE history, having been debuted - and held for most of its run - by Ted DiBiase, yet it looks nothing like a traditional championship.

We last saw it featured on TV when Ted DiBiase Jr was gifted it by his father back in 2010 and before that, it was last used way back in 1996. 

So to say the Million Dollar belt is a piece of history is an understatement. But to the delight of fans, it seems WWE will be bringing it back very soon. 

WWE could bring back the Million Dollar belt

According to the Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast, the title will be used in NXT, as part of the storyline between Cameron Grimes DiBiase himself.

"Sorry to the individual that told me but Million Dollar Belt is coming back," Andrew Zaharian said on the podcast. 

"I don’t know for how long but they’re gonna have it on TV. People are very excited within WWE about the Million Dollar Belt." 

WWE could be bringing back the Million Dollar belt

This is certainly exciting news! Interestingly, DiBiase and Grimes did have a 'Million Dollar Faceoff' on NXT last week. 

The pair went toe-to-toe in the ring, but there was no sign of the Million Dollar belt. It will certainly be interesting to see if it still features in the storyline. 

Grimes and DiBiase clashed on NXT

Given the way their faceoff ended last week - with LA Knight interrupting and attacking Grimes from behind - it looks like this storyline involving DiBiase is far from over. 

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