Destiny 2 Xur Location (August 6th-August 9th): Where is Xur today and what items is he selling this week?

Xur Destiny 2

Where is Xur located today? The hidden mystery of where the Destiny 2 character is for this week (July 30-August 2) has now been revealed and we have all the information you need.

Bungie, who are developers of first person multiplayer shooter game Destiny 2, will be revealing the location of Xur soon and gamers will want to know where he is.

The game is so successful and is already in its 14th Season (Season of the Splicer). There have been wholesale changes which have made the game even better than before.

If you are someone who is looking for the Xur location and wants to know what items he is selling, we have the answers.

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Who Is Xur?

Xur is an Exotic item merchant who hangs out in random locations around the world of Destiny. In Destiny 2, he can appear all over the map, as well as inside the Tower.

He sells some of the best gear and weapons in the game so fans will want to make sure they find him when he appears.

The gear can range from armour – like helmets and chest pieces – to little weapons like knives or even guns and so players make sure they find him to grab the great loot.


What is interesting about Xur is that he drops items that are similar in power level to your character.

Where is Xur located last week? (August 6th-August 9th)

Come back at 6pm on August 6th to find out where Xur is located.

What items is Xur selling this week? (August 6th-August 9th)

Come back at 6pm on August 6th to find out what Xur is selling.

Where was Xur located last week? (July 30-Aug 2)

Last week, Xur was located at the Tower! 

What items was Xur selling last week? (July 30-Aug 2)

Last week, Xur was selling: 

  • Tolesto for 29 Legendary Shards
  • Lucky Pants for 23 Legendary Shards
  • Claws of Ahamkara for 23 Legendary Shards
  • Actium War Rig for 23 Legendary Shards
Where is Xur located this week? Find out here!

Something that Xur didn’t do before, but does now is dropping Cipher Quests for free. If you do the quest, you will be rewarded with an exotic Cipher.

Another change made is Xur’s inventory. It includes an Exotic armour piece with a perk effect that depends on the use of a particular ability.

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