YouTube vs TikTok Boxing: Austin McBroom mocks Bryce Hall with hilarious birthday cake

Austin McBroom

The Youtube vs TikTok Boxing Event is only a couple of weeks away and Austin McBroom has fired some shots at Bryce Hall on Instagram.

The pair will clash as the main event on the night, where there are six fights in total, and there has been a lot of claims and disputes between the two on social media.

Clearly their anger at each other boiled over as they clashed at the press conference and had to be pulled away from each other.

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The event looks to be pulling in hundreds of thousands of fans, if not millions, and they will all be tuning in to see which influencers come out on top.

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Austin McBroom mocks Bryce Hall on Instagram

McBroom has not let down on his feud with Bryce Hall, even on his birthday. The YouTuber was delivered a cake which took a jab at the TikTokker.

The cake was a boxing ring, with two figurines and McBroom stuck a picture of both fighters; one on each figurine.

His figurine was standing tall, while Hall’s was knocked to the ground. The TikTokker has not replied yet, but it would be very entertaining if he did to see what his response would be.

YouTube vs TikTok

Famous British YouTuber KSI was speaking in a video recently and predicted who he thought would win the fight out of the two, and by the sounds of what he had to say, he thinks one of them will easily win.

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McBroom, who turned 29, will be fighting Bryce in America on June 12th, and there is a lot of pride and money at stake on the night.

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