Far Cry 6: World Premiere Trailer Revealed by Ubisoft

Far Cry 6 is expected to be released in April 2022

Far Cry 6 has suffered from a number of delays but finally showed the world what to expect.

Before the 28th May 2021, little had been revealed by Ubisoft regarding their latest edition to their successful first-person action-adventure franchise.

Despite being initially scheduled for a 2021 release, this has now been significantly set back and will not be launched until next year - due to the game's developers submitting a financial report stating that the COVID-19 pandemic had significantly disrupted their progress. This was mainly due to staff members having to work from home - away from the office itself.

In a huge contrast from Far Cry 5, the new edition takes us to the frozen tropical world of Yara who is controlled by a dictator called Anton Castillo, voiced by Breaking Bad star Giancarlo Esposito. His aim is to restore Yana back to how it was before with his son Diego, despite a revolution forming against them.

Other than that, Ubisoft have kept their cards close to their chest. But this has now changed.

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World Premiere Trailer

The World Premiere of the game was streamed from Ubisoft North America's official YouTube account, where the game's developers detailed what players can expect.

Ubisoft presented a 30-minute buildup to their presentation of the next Far Cry chapter, which started off in a run-down, sweltering and supposed tourist hotspot of Yara.

This was far from the truth, as the island's residents are attempting to dethrone Castillo who has taken a stronghold on the nation.

We also got a brief insight of what the game's map could look like early into the trailer, as the camera panned to what looked like a map of the entire island with significant roads. Whether this is part of the game itself remains to be seen.

Fans got an indication of where the storyline will be heading, with tourist posters and postcards set alight and vandalised - with messages on them stating "stay out" and bulletholes embedded into billboards.

There was also a message that said: "Goodbye Yara. I write this and hope that this boat survives Benitez. I hope her soldados turn their eyes away from the sea for as long as it takes for us to flee Yara.

"This is the only home I have ever known. It is the only home I ever wanted to know. Forgive me, Yaran. Remember me kindly if I am ever able to return."

This then followed on to some gameplay, with which Far Cry fans will be familiar. Car driving, boat riding, knee sliding and what appears to be endless action from the off.

Narrative Director at Ubisoft Navid Khavari also provided some context surrounding the history of Yara, the tenacious nature of Castillo and the introduction of the game's protagonist - Dani Rojas.

She is a military drop-out who wants nothing to do with Castillo or the revolution, her primary mission is to escape. But changes her mind once she witnesses the destruction of the island.

Khavari added that the object of the game was to make the player feel like a guerilla fighter and to witness what it's like to take down a vast empire. Exciting times ahead.

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