Tamina reveals 'the mastermind' behind WWE's women's division


The women’s division in WWE is one of the best in the world. RAW and SmackDown have some of the top talent in women’s wrestling today, with the likes of Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley on the Red Brand and Bayley and Bianca Belair on the Blue Brand.

At WrestleMania 37 there were four matches on the card, all produced by TJ Wilson (Tyson Kidd). The Canadian, who is married to Women’s Tag Team Champion Natalya, has been praised for his work as a producer by fans and the women’s division.

Speaking on the Oral Sessions with Renée Paquette, Natalya commented on TJ’s love for producing WWE women’s matches.

“He’s a huge advocate for the girls and he cares so much for the girls,” Natalya said.

“What I’ve started to realize, and I said this last night in the locker room, TJ takes on the women’s match as if they’re his own, because he can’t compete anymore. He actually told Vince the other day, they had a conversation, he said ‘I never realized that being a producer would be more fulfilling to me, working with the women, than it would ever be for me in my own wrestling career. That I’ve become so fulfilled in this role of seeing other people rise to the occasion, that it means so much more to me than anything I ever did in my career.’

“Vince said ‘TJ that makes me so happy.’ And TJ was like ‘I just can’t even put it into words how much working with the girls and seeing them accomplish their dreams. It means so much to me. It’s like the biggest thing I’ve ever done in my career. In my twenty years of being a pro wrestler, this, this is my WrestleMania moment.”‘

Natalya’s tag team partner Tamina, who was also on the podcast, went on to say how TJ is “the mastermind” behind the women’s division.

Natalya and Tamina

“This man is a mastermind behind everything we all do, and he gets every single girl," she said.

"That’s what the difference is. He knows everyone’s moves, he knows how to protect, he knows how to make everything great and amazing. I really don’t know what we’d do without TJ. That’s the whole point to this whole thing.

"He is that mastermind behind it all and he executes everything and he gives us that confidence to come through with whatever it is we put together. That’s him and he’s like that. He is a strong a** man. He is a real man in that sense, but he loves and gives everything to us. Everything.”

There’s no denying Wilson is doing a brilliant job in his role. He produced arguably one of the best wrestling matches in recent memory (Belair v Sasha Banks).

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