Walker, Trippier, Alexander-Arnold, James: Who is England's best right back based on stats?

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Gareth Southgate announced a frightfully exciting England squad yesterday as Euro 2020 draws ever closer.

Southgate has an embarrassment of attacking riches to draw on going into the continental bonanza with the like of Phil Foden, Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane all in electric form.

With Mason Mount and Jack Grealish also in the squad, England possess a potentially devastating attacking line-up.

However, Southgate still managed to draw a few furroughed brows with his decision to select no less than four right-backs in the 26-man squad.

Kyle Walker, Kieran Trippier, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Reece James will all be 'on the plane' when the Euro's kick off later this month but quite why Southgate has selected so many, is tricky to understand.

Unfortunately, only one of them can start when England take to the field against Croatia on 13 June, so who is Southgate's best option?

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Well, based on their league stats, we've devised a points system to rank them, with eh player finishing first in each criteria (tackles, interceptions, chances created etc.) earning four points, second earning three and so on.

From there, we simply tally up the points to pick Southgate's top choice. You're welcome Gaz.

Games played: 

1. TAA: 36 
2. James: 32 
3. Trippier: 28 
4. Walker: 24 



1. Trippier: 61
2. TAA: 56
3. James: 55
4. Walker: 29


1. Trippier: 47
2. James: 43
3. TAA: 43
4. Walker: 22



1. TAA: 199
2. James: 108
3. Trippier: 66
4. Walker: 38

Chances created: 

1. TAA: 77
2. James: 42
3. Trippier: 34
4. Walker: 8 



1. TAA: 7
2. Trippier: 6
3. James: 2
4. Walker: 1

So what is the final tally? Well, it makes for fascinating reading:

TAA: 21
Trippier: 18
James: 16
Walker: 6

In other words, were it based purely on stats, Walker should be nowhere near the starting line-up.

While the likes of Trippier and Alexander-Arnold has shown their strengths be it going forward or in defence, Walker finished stone-last in every single category above.


However, if the squad numbers that were released in the aftermath of the announcement are to suggest anything, Walker looks like Southgate's first choice.

Astonishingly, Alexander-Arnold was the name most in doubt despite coming out on top in the tally.

It's worth noting that large proportions of the football world have considered Trent to be having a poor season, yet the stats suggest otherwise.

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There was certainly a dip, that is undeniable, but even in amongst Liverpool's mid-season collapse, Trent still managed to notch up some impressive stats.

He still seems the best option out of the four.

Southgate has a lot of thinking to do between now and June 13. 

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