Sheamus posts photo of his nose two days after breaking it on WWE RAW


WWE United States Champion Sheamus has confirmed that he will not be relinquishing his title, despite suffering a horrendous injury on RAW this week. 

The Irishman was continuing his rivalry against Ricochet and Humberto Carrillo in back-to-back, non-title fights on Monday night. 

It was during his match with the latter that things went wrong, with Sheamus suffering a broken nose as a result.

A stiff forearm shot from Carrillo caught The Celtic Warrior square in the face, subsequently busting him open and leaving him bloody and bruised. 

A slow-motion shot of the moment that caused the damage looks as painful as it must have felt, with the incident clearly a botched move as WWE doesn’t show blood on purpose in the PG era. 

After suffering defeats to both men, Sheamus took to social media to reveal the extent of his injury and to update fans on his future plans.

He posted two gruesome selfies on Twitter, in which his nose can be seen to be slightly bent out of shape along with a brutal black eye. 


Clearly he was not impressed with what occurred in the ring and intends to get his revenge on Carrillo, as he captioned the first image: “..utter scumbaggery on #WWERaw.”

Despite initial fears that he would have to vacate the title he won at WrestleMania 37, a move usually seen after a big injury, Sheamus has sought to assure the WWE Universe that he doesn’t intend to step aside. 

He captioned the second selfie he posted: “..sorry NOT VACATING. #USChampion”


It is unknown whether Sheamus, real name Stephen Farrelly, will take some time off to recover or if he will compete with a face mask protecting him, but it will be welcome news to his followers that he will remain United States Champion regardless. 

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