Warzone Season 4: New Map Leaks and Changes

Call of Duty Warzone

The week is finally here! Warzone Season 4 is arriving on Thursday and the gaming community will be wondering what the new map changes are coming to Verdansk.

The battle royale map teleported to the 1980s when Season 3 arrived and brought wholesale changes, bigger than any we had seen before.

This was Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War finally putting their stamp on the game following developers Treyarch being able to take full control of Warzone from Modern Warfare.

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Warzone Season 4 Leaks

For now, one of the possible leaks is based around a video. In the video, we hear conversations about a man in Africa, who is ‘standing by’. This has led many to wonder if there will be some links to Africa in Season 4.

There has also been a red door spotted in cutscenes and also in Verdansk when playing Warzone. Call of Duty leaker Inkslaher believes that the door is a portal. In his latest video on the subject, he says that the doors will be added at a later date and they will act as portals across the map.

We might find out what exactly is behind the red door when season 4 comes out.

Warzone Season 4 Map Changes

With around two weeks to wait until Season 4 comes out, the COD community normally keep an eye out for any sneak peaks around map changes, be it new Points of Interests or just minor ones.

For now, there have been no official updates regarding possible map changes, however when we find them out we will provide all updates.

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