Euro 2020: Every game predicted as England, France and Spain chase glory

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Who will be crowned European champions this summer?

It's the question on everybody's lips right now with Euro 2020 just on the horizon and the final 26-man squads for the tournament having been locked in last night.

As such, the countdown is well and truly on for the first European Championships in half a decade and there are arguably at least eight nations who can mark its return with a historic victory.

Who will win Euro 2020?

Well, actually, you could argue that all 24 countries have a shot at achieving something special this summer when you recall that Denmark and Greece are former winners of the competition.

And therefore, given that the Euros are clearly such an unpredictable footballing staple, it would make absolutely no sense in the world for us to try and predict the entire thing, right?

Yeh, jog on, because this humble writer is trying to make the impossible possible on the back of correctly predicting the exact four teams and order of the 2020/21 Premier League top four.

England Squad Announcement - Live show (Football Terrace)

Predicting every Euro 2020 game

It's a complete fluke that gives me complete confidence that I have indeed predicted every single match that will take place at Euro 2020 this summer - and you heard it here first.

Yes, my calls are being informed by footballing knowledge and form coming into the summer, but given that football is unpredictable by nature, I am throwing in some rogue shouts into the mix.


So, kick and grab some popcorn as I inevitably make a complete fool of myself by trying to map out how the entire tournament will play out by checking out the GIVEMESPORT forecast down below:

Group stages one

Group A: Turkey 0-2 Italy

Group A: Wales 2-1 Switzerland

Group B: Denmark 1-0 Finland

Group B: Belgium 4-1 Russia

Group C: Austria 2-0 North Macedonia

Group C: Netherlands 1-0 Ukraine

Group D: England 1-1 Croatia

Group D: Scotland 2-1 Czech Republic

Group E: Poland 1-0 Slovakia

Group E: Spain 3-0 Sweden

Group F: Hungary 0-2 Portugal

Group F: France 2-1 Germany


Group stages two

Group A: Turkey 3-1 Wales

Group A: Italy 1-0 Switzerland

Group B: Finland 2-1 Russia

Group B: Denmark 1-0 Belgium

Group C: Ukraine 2-0 North Macedonia

Group C: Netherlands 2-0 Austria

Group D: Croatia 3-1 Czech Republic

Group D: England 1-0 Scotland

Group E: Sweden 1-2 Slovakia

Group E: Spain 2-0 Poland

Group F: Hungary 1-5 France

Group F: Portugal 2-1 Germany


Group stages three

Group A: Switzerland 0-0 Turkey

Group A: Italy 1-0 Wales

Group B: Russia 1-1 Denmark

Group B: Finland 0-3 Belgium

Group C: North Macedonia 1-3 Netherlands

Group C: Ukraine 1-1 Austria

Group D: Croatia 4-2 Scotland

Group D: Czech Republic 0-1 England

Group E: Slovakia 1-1 Spain

Group E: Sweden 0-0 Poland

Group F: Portugal 1-3 France

Group F: Germany 2-1 Hungary

Feeling well and truly overwhelmed by an avalanche of group stage results? Well, fear not, because I've done all the heavy lifting and calculated who exactly is qualifying from all those scores.

Head-to-head match-ups are used ahead of goal difference in the instance of level points and then, the top four third-placed teams also progress to the round of 16.

And things were so tight between - of all nations - Scotland and Wales that their level points and goal difference had to be settled with goals scored, leading to one suffering a nightmarish exit.


Final group stage standings

Group A

1. Italy - 6 points (4GD)

2. Turkey - 4 points (0GD)

3. Wales - 3 points (-2GD)

4. Switzerland - 1 point (-2GD)

Group B

1. Denmark - 7 points (2GD)

2. Belgium - 6 points (5GD)

3. Finland - 3 points (-3GD)

4. Russia - 1 point (-4GD)

Group C

1. Netherlands - 9 points (5GD)

2. Ukraine - 4 points (1GD)

3. Austria - 4 points (0GD)

4. North Macedonia - 0 points (-6GD)

Group D

1. Croatia - 7 points (4GD)

2. England - 7 points (2GD)

3. Scotland - 3 points (-2GD)

4. Czech Republic - 0 points (-4GD)

Group E

1. Spain - 7 points (5GD)

2. Poland - 4 points (-1GD)

3. Slovakia - 4 points (0GD)

4. Sweden - 1 point (-4GD)

Group F

1. France - 9 points (7GD)

2. Portugal - 6 points (1GD)

3. Germany - 3 points (-1GD)

4. Hungary - 0 points (-7GD)

Third-place teams qualification

1. Austria - 4 points (0GD)

2. Slovakia - 4 points (0GD)

3. Germany - 3 points (-1GD)

4. Scotland - 3 points (-2GD, 4GS)

5. Wales - 3 points (-2GD, 3GS)

6. Finland - 3 points (-3GD)


Oof. There's plenty to unpack there. I'm backing the likes of Denmark and Italy to be 'black horses' at this year's tournament and I reckon that Finland and Slovakia can cause a few surprises.

Meanwhile, I can't see a world in which England get the better of Croatia in the groups and Germany will be the big hitter in the 'Group of Death' to experience the rockiest ride to qualification.

But now on to the business end of the tournament, which, trust me, takes some serious untangling when it comes to who plays who in the round of 16 given UEFA's silly move to 24 nations.

Round of 16

Denmark 1-1 Germany (AET) - Germany win 6-5 on penalties

Italy 3-0 Ukraine

France 2-0 Austria

England 2-1 Poland

Spain 4-0 Scotland

Croatia 0-0 Portugal (AET) - Portugal win 4-2 on penalties

Netherlands 1-0 Slovakia

Turkey 1-3 Belgium



Germany 1-2 Italy

France 3-0 England

Spain 0-0 Portugal (AET) - Spain win 5-4 on penalties

Netherland 1-2 Belgium (AET)


France 1-0 Italy

Spain 2-0 Belgium


France 3-1 Spain

Aren't I boring? I know, I know, I know. Readers of my last prediction might recall that I backed Belgium to win earlier in the year, but have you seen Didier Deschamps' final 26-man squad?

So, sure, me backing France to go all the way this summer is about as uninventive and cookie-cutter as it gets, but tipping anybody else to win against the world champions is a really tough ask.


Don't get me wrong, though, I do think that Spain will cause a few surprises with Gerard Moreno and Mikel Oyarzabal flying in attack and Italy's youthful side will throw a cat amongst the pigeons.

But it's hard to see a world in which Les Bleus blow it...

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