Nintendo Switch Pro: What is the release date?

Nintendo Switch Pro

The Nintendo Switch Pro was recently confirmed and we have all the information surrounding when the console could be released.

The Nintendo Switch has been a massively successful handheld console and has made sure players can be playing the best games on the move.

However, like all consoles, there is always a need to change and update with the times, and with Playstation and Xbox bringing out new generations of consoles, Nintendo needs to do the same with the Switch.

Therefore, when we heard from a company in mid May that the Nintendo Switch Pro was going to be announced, excitement built and we have all the information about the new console down below.

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When will the Nintendo Switch Pro be released?

For now, we do not know the exact release date, but we will provide you with this news when we know it.

With the console only currently being confirmed by a company who make the screens, it is hard for now to know the exact date for the console as Nintendo have not discussed it yet.

We know that it is very unlikely that the Switch Pro will come out soon, and with the world just coming towards the end of a pandemic, it might be hard to judge when it might be released as there is not an official confirmation date.

Nintendo recently confirmed that we are “mid-way” through the Switch’s life cycle, which may mean that we still have some time yet before the Switch Pro is released.

Nintendo is hugely popular, and games on the Switch like Super Smash Bros Ultimate have been huge successes, therefore if the new console does get released, there will no doubt be such classic games available on the Switch Pro.

There is definitely a gap in the market for a new edition handheld console and if they time it right, then the Switch Pro will be a massive hit. Some rumours back this up and believe that we will not see this new console in 2021.

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