Flukiest snooker shot ever? David Gilbert gets extremely fortunate


The world of snooker is a sensational one and has produced a number of talented players over the years with the likes of Jimmy White, Steve Davis, Ronnie ‘The Rocket’ O’Sullivan and Judd Trump to name just a few.

But with this sport, it can be argued that there comes the need for patience, skill and, at times, general luck.

Many fans may argue that the game is based on pure luck, however, if you were to ask the players, I am sure 99% of them, if not all of them, will say their gameplay and shot making is all about the skill they possess and that it has nothing to do with luck.

Let’s be honest, you’d be a brave man to tell O’Sullivan to his face that he was a luck merchant…

BUT, it cannot be denied that sometimes you do get VERY lucky when it comes to snooker.

Take the video of the 20 craziest and luckiest shots from the 2019 World Snooker Championships for example.

You can watch it below, but just wait until you see the shot deemed the most flukey… it truly will blow your mind!

In a game between Joe Perry and David Gilbert, the most unimaginable snooker took place.

Leading 3-0 at the time of the fluke shot, and in the fourth frame of a 19-frame game, nobody could have predicted what would happen next. It was a shot that belonged on A Question of Sport in the ‘What Happened Next’ round.

With only eight balls left on the table, it was Gilbert’s frame to lose; he had it in the bag, or so he thought.

That was until he tried and missed a long shot on a red ball from the bottom left corner into the top right corner.


After the miss, it seemed the game was going to swing in the favour of Perry, but God must have been on Gilbert’s side that day as he could only have dreamt of hitting a snooker in the way he did.

Keeping the cue ball in the game and not falling in the bottom left pocket, yet having it stop just behind the pink and just short of being a foul. The snooker ensured, in that moment at least, that Gilbert was still in the game and Perry had to pull something out of the bag to get out of the snooker and win the frame.

Like the commentators said, though, that was borderline impossible to do.

So, there you have it, a game based on talent, an eye for detail and sometimes, just sometimes, pure pure luck and yet it never fails to disappoint.

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