Jade Carey: Gymnast pulls off spectacular skill to rival Simone Biles


Simone Biles is undoubtedly the most well-known gymnast in the world, but her teammate Jade Carey has been making headlines too. The 21-year-old recently pulled off a stunning triple twisting double layout during training for the US Championships.

A clip of Carey completing the move was shared on social media and has caused astonishment among gymnastics fans. Reporter Justin Hinton wrote: “WHAT!?!?!? Just when you thought the triple double was hard enough, Jade Carey does it laid out (straight body position) LIKE WHAT!?!?!! These women are INCREDIBLE!!!”

Some fans have joked Carey is now overshadowing four-time Olympic champion Biles, who pulled off an incredible Yurchenko double pike at the US Classic last month. The skill is notoriously difficult and dangerous.

“The fact that Jade Carey kept this under wraps and causally upstages Simone with a triple twisting double *layout*,” posted social media user Elijah Watson. “Usually we see training videos building up to a skill as unprecedented this. So mindbogglingly impressive”.

If the gymnast completes the triple twisting double layout at the Olympics or an International Gymnastics Federation official competition, the move will become known as “The Carey”.

Although the US Olympic gymnastics team has not yet been announced, Jade Carey looks set to be among the selected names. She is a reigning team world and Pan American champion, and a two-time silver medallist in the vault.

Carey also has a world silver medal from 2017 in the floor exercise and two Pan American gold medals in vault and floor.

This weekend, she will be competing at the US Championships in Texas alongside Biles.

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