Neymar wiped out by two Brazil fans who then appear to try and steal his shoes


There are fewer bigger names in Brazil than Neymar.

The PSG superstar is a globally recognised household name, but in Brazil his fame goes up a few hundred notches.

Neymar's marketability in the South American nation is frightening, with the silky attacker's likeness appearing on just about every product you could dream of.

He has a staggering 244 million followers across his various social media channels and boasts some of the most valuable endorsements in sports, thanks to deals with the likes of Puma and Beats.

However, it can't be argued that Neymar hasn't earned his fame on the field. He is one of the most skilful players on the planet right now and could have easily won a number of Balons d'Or had it not been for Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

While he spends the vast majority of his time thrilling crowds in Europe, he is still always the centre of attention whenever he pulls on the famous yellow shirt of his beloved brazil.

Sadly, Neymar came in for some rather unwanted attention recently has he arrived back to the team hotel.

With a number of fans gathered, desperate to catch a glimpse of the superstar, two younger fans took it to the next step, breaking through the barriers before rushing to Neymar.

They then lost their footing and wound up completely wiping out the star in a moment that could've left the striker with a potentially nasty injury.

It didn't end there, though. As security descended on the rogue fans, one can be seen attempting to remove Neymar's shoes. We can't say for certain whether or not he was trying to steal them, but it certainly looks that way.

To his credit, Neymar can be seen in the midst of the chaos doing everything he could to make sure the two fans weren't roughed up too badly by the burly security team.

Following the fracas, Neymar was then seen moving a bit gingerly as he limped into the hotel.

(Credit : The Football Terrace)

You can't help but feel that the fans had no intention to harm Neymar but it was a frightfully alarming incident all the same.

There should have been no way for them to get that close to the superstar and you can imagine there would have some serious repercussions had Neymar been hurt.

Even still, the security involved will have some incredibly difficult questions to answer in the coming days.

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