Cristiano Ronaldo vs Ronaldo Nazario: The winner for all 29 attributes on FIFA 21

Ronaldo Nazario in action for Inter Milan

Two Ronaldo’s are in the conversation when discussing the best footballers in history.

Ronaldo Nazario was absolutely breathtaking after breaking onto the scene with PSV as a 17-year-old.

He went on to have great success with the likes of Barcelona, Inter Milan and Real Madrid.

Unfortunately for Ronaldo, injuries meant his time at the very top of the game wasn’t as long as it should have been. But he was extraordinary at his peak.

The Brazilian retired in 2011 but another Ronaldo is still among the very best players in the world.

Cristiano Ronaldo has won five Ballon d’Or titles in an incredible career which has seen him play for Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus.

But who is the better Ronaldo? Given their names, that’s a question that has been debated and will be debated for many years.

Everyone will have an opinion on who they think is better. As a bit of fun, we’ve used FIFA 21 stats to answer that very question.

We’ve compared the stats of Ronaldo Nazario’s mid Icon card with Cristiano Ronaldo’s gold rare card using FutHead.

You can view who comes out on top when the 29 in-game attributes are compared.

Cristiano Ronaldo in action for Juventus

In Game: Physical

Acceleration: Ronaldo Nazario (94)

Agility: Ronaldo Nazario and Cristiano Ronaldo (87)

Balance: Ronaldo Nazario (81)

Jumping: Cristiano Ronaldo (95)

Reactions: Cristiano Ronaldo (95)

Sprint speed: Ronaldo Nazario (93)

Stamina: Cristiano Ronaldo (84)

Strength: Ronaldo Nazario (89)

Ronaldo Nazario in action for Brazil

In Game: Skill

Ball control: Ronaldo Nazario (94)

Crossing: Cristiano Ronaldo (84)

Curve: Ronaldo Nazario (84)

Dribbling: Ronaldo Nazario (95)

Finishing: Ronaldo Nazario (96)

Free kick accuracy: Ronaldo Nazario (90)

Heading accuracy: Cristiano Ronaldo (90)

Long passing: Cristiano Ronaldo (77)

Cristiano Ronaldo in action for Portugal

Long shots: Cristiano Ronaldo (93)

Defensive awareness: Ronaldo Nazario (39)

Penalties: Ronaldo Nazario (90)

Short passing: Ronaldo Nazario (84)

Shot power: Cristiano Ronaldo (94)

Sliding tackle: Ronaldo Nazario (38)

Standing tackle: Ronaldo Nazario (46)

Volleys: Ronaldo Nazario (90)

Ronaldo Nazario in action for Inter Milan

In Game: Mental

Aggression: Cristiano Ronaldo (63)

Interceptions: Ronaldo Nazario (43)

Positioning: Ronaldo Nazario (96)

Vision: Ronaldo Nazario (84)

Composure: Cristiano Ronaldo (95)

Final score: Ronaldo Nazario 18.5 – 10.5 Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo Nazario’s full stats:


Cristiano Ronaldo’s full stats:


So it’s the Brazilian that comes out on top over the Portuguese when their stats on FIFA 21 are compared.

While Ronaldo Nazario wins on this occasion, one thing is for certain: They are both incredible footballers that will always be remembered as legends of the game.

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