Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: YouTuber unloads flurry of punches in first round


Logan Paul put forth plenty of effort in his exhibition bout against Floyd Mayweather on Sunday evening. However, the problem for the YouTube sensation was that very little of his offense landed against the pound-for-pound great.

The pair went the full scheduled distance of eight rounds in their much-anticipated contest at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami - something that not many had expected prior to the fight. 

Unbeaten in all 50 of his professional bouts, the vastly experienced Mayweather was widely predicted to have too much class for his novice opponent heading into the clash.

Although there was no official winner or scorecards for the contest, knockouts were allowed. Most took this to mean that Floyd would take Paul out in quick time, as he did Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in his last exhibition fight in December 2018.

'Maverick' survived, though, and can take great credit in doing so.

As the rounds wore on, Money did catch Logan with some beautiful shots. Paul also noticeably struggled with cardio as the fight progressed.

A major factor for his gassing out in the latter stages of the contest was probably the incredible flurry of punches he threw towards the end of the first round.

The 26-year-old appeared to go for broke as the clock ran down, unleashing a barrage of blows towards Mayweather. The issue? Not a single one landed.

Floyd is a master of defence and made Logan look foolish with the manner in which he effortlessly avoided his foe's massive output. The 10-second clip above sums up a lot of Paul's troubles in the fight. He just could not catch Floyd cleanly.

After the bout, a smiling Mayweather said he had enjoyed his night's work. Given his reported £50-£100 million payday, it is easy to see why.

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Never in danger throughout the 24-minute distance, Floyd Mayweather had a profitable weekend in Florida.

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