Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: Punching statistics revealed


The eight-round exhibition contest between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul on Sunday night may have made both men an awful lot of money, but the bout itself was not one that many boxing fans will be in a hurry to re-watch.

The styles of the two participants did not mesh well, to say the least. YouTube personality Paul lacked the technical skill to effectively land punches, while Mayweather was content to box from range, landing only a few shots himself per round. 

The strategy of Floyd was understandable. At Saturday’s ceremonial weigh-in, the all-time great was almost 35lbs lighter than his opponent. Although Paul had little in the way of boxing experience going into the clash, he certainly had some physical advantages over Mayweather.

By keeping his distance from Paul, ‘Money’ knew that there was little that the 26-year-old was going to be able to trouble him with.

Mayweather, unbeaten in his own professional career with a mark of 50-0, possessed the class to simply coast through the bout. Many pre-fight predictions suggested that Floyd would be in the mood to take Logan out inside the distance. As it turned out, a knockout rarely looked to be on the cards.

Following the conclusion of the contest, the official punch statistics were announced and posted on socials and they showed that just 71 punches were landed by both men combined over the 24-minute bout.

How many punches did Logan Paul land on Floyd Mayweather?

Of the 71 punches that were recorded as landing in the fight, Logan Paul threw 28 of them (21 power shots, with seven jabs). In truth, this is far more than some of his critics believed he could land on Mayweather going into the bout.


In order to achieve those 28 successes, though, Paul threw a hefty 217 blows – finishing the night with a connection rate of just 13%. The accuracy was not there, but there is no denying that Logan put everything he had into the fight. 

As expected, Mayweather was far more efficient with his work. Floyd hit his mark with 43 out of 107 blows (36 of which were power punches), giving him an overall success rate of 40%.

It was made clear prior to Sunday’s event that no official winner or scorecards would be announced after the fight. Officially, the bout was for entertainment purposes only. However, had the contest been scored, the 44-year-old veteran would have walked away with the win.

Although he will not be credited with a victory in the record books, Mayweather estimated a few days ago that he could earn as much as £100 million for the fight.

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If that number is anywhere close to correct, it means Floyd will have raked in just under a million for every punch he threw – and more than two million for every blow that found its target. Not bad work if you can get it!

Floyd Mayweather is nicknamed ‘Money’ for a reason.

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