Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: Fight turned into hilarious memes


Even by the standards of an exhibition bout, Sunday's clash between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul was a massive disappointment.

The build-up to the eight-round contest had seen both men promise a spectacular show at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. Although it was made clear pre-fight that there would be no announcement of a winner or of any scorecards on the night, knockouts were still legal. This led many fans to predict that Mayweather would look for an early stoppage of Paul, much like he did with Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in his last exhibition bout in December 2018.

However, there was no crowd-pleasing knockout. In fact, there was very little action at all across the drab 24-minute affair.

What there was plenty of, though, was hugging!

Paul, to say the least, is a novice fighter. There is no comparison between the 26-year-old YouTube star and Mayweather - a five-division world champion - when it comes to ring craft and technical skills. 

The only area where 'Maverick' had the better of Mayweather was size. Paul outweighed Floyd by almost 35lbs at Saturday's weigh-in - and he was determined to make that edge count. Logan lent into Mayweather at every opportunity as he tried to smother his opponent's punches. The tactic was not pretty, but it did save Paul from taking any major punishment from the 44-year-old veteran.

As always, fans on social media were quick to take aim at how frequently the two rivals had been tied up with one another - rather than actually fighting.

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One witty uploader quickly mocked up a box of Huggies nappies to include a picture of Mayweather and Paul holding one another, together with the tagline 'Little Snugglers".

Another meme had an image of Patrick and SpongeBob wrestling during an episode of SpongeBob Squarepants, with the caption "A live look at Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul."

YouTuber Poofesure posted an image of a Nintendo Wii Boxing contest, suggesting that it had been far more entertaining than the Mayweather vs Paul clash.


"Lotta people saying this screenshot from my video is the Mayweather vs Paul fight, but if you watch my video you will realise me vs Matt was much better," he argued.

A further meme saw the duo photoshopped face-to-face with one another as though they were getting married, in another jibe at how inseparable they had been during the fight.


The online crowd also made sure to take a potshot at Paul's sub-par boxing ability.

Referencing a volley of shots from Logan where every single one failed to land, one meme joked: "Logan Paul spamming the controller", a nod to the button-bashing that most of us have engaged in while playing fighting video games over the years.

In some cases, social media barbs can seem a bit harsh. With Mayweather vs Paul last night, though, the criticism was entirely justified.

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