Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: YouTuber lands impressive combo during fight


Officially, there was never going to be a winner of Sunday's clash between YouTube star Logan Paul and legendary boxing great Floyd Mayweather.

Last week, the Florida State Boxing Commission confirmed that the eight-round exhibition scrap would not be scored and that no result would be announced on the night. To all intents and purposes, the contest was approved for entertainment purposes only.

However, despite the stance of regulators, there was definitely a moral victor at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

Simply by surviving the full 24-minute distance with a former five-weight world champion in Mayweather, 'Maverick' can be exceptionally proud of himself.

Few gave the 26-year-old novice any chance of putting a dent in Mayweather, with a large number of fans believing that Floyd would stop Paul with ease.

This never looked on the cards, though, as Paul made good use of his size and weight advantage over Mayweather, frequently tying Floyd up and attempting to make the fight as scrappy as possible.

Of course, over the course of the contest, Mayweather proved that he was miles ahead of Logan in terms of his boxing brain. Floyd occasionally showed glimpses of the class that took him to an unbeaten 50-0 record during his professional career, but rarely needed to get out of second gear.

In round four, however, Paul had a few fleeting moments of success. Landing a sweet left-right two-punch combination, Logan caught Mayweather cleanly (as you can see in the slow-motion clip above). The 44-year-old veteran took the shots well, but it was a lovely piece of work from Paul.

Of the 48 separate men that Mayweather faced during his run in the paid ranks, few have ever managed to catch him that cleanly twice in quick succession - including UFC mega-star Conor McGregor.

It is worth remembering that Floyd is now almost four years removed from that bout - his last as a professional. Time waits for no man, even one as supremely gifted as Mayweather. It is inevitable that his reflexes will have declined from what they were at his peak.

With that said, it is still a huge feather in the cap of Logan Paul to have been able to connect with those kind of blows on the 2021 International Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee.

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Whether Paul ever steps foot in a boxing ring again remains to be seen. If he does decide to call a day on his foray into the sport, though, he has some pretty crazy memories to look back on - including one very decent combination.

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