YouTube vs TikTok Boxing: Leaked Footage of Bryce Hall Training Emerges Ahead of Austin McBroom Fight

Bryce Hall

The YouTube vs TikTok Boxing event is coming this week and fans got to see footage of Bryce Hall training on social media.

Hall will be facing Austin McBroom in the main event of the night and the two clashed last month, having to be pulled apart at the press conference.

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This has made the fight even more personal as there is clearly now a lot of feelings in the fight with a lot at stake.

With the huge battle of the platforms event this Saturday June 12th to determine which social media site is stronger, a lot of anticipation is building for the YouTube vs TikTok boxing encounter.

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Bryce Hall training footage emerges

It is good to see that the media influencers fighting on the night are taking the event seriously and putting in a lot of training to hopefully come out on top of the night.

Hall vs McBroom is just one of six fights which is happening on the night being held in Miami and footage has emerged of Hall in action in his training camp.

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He was putting in some blows as his friend held up some pads and also looked to have some very good reflexes as he dodged some arms coming his way.

It will be good for fans of Hall to see him putting some work in, but it is also good for McBroom to see what type of level his opponent is on.

It is sure to be a good spectacle and it will be interesting to finally see the two in the ring after all the verbal confrontations they have had with each other.

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