Is FIFA 22 Cross-Platform?


Many gaming fans across the globe are excited for the release of FIFA 22 in September, but they will be wondering whether it is cross platform.

It will be the first FIFA to come out following the new generation consoles (the Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series) being released and therefore there will be a lot of expectation from the fan base.

It is the best football game out there, and their only competitor is Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer. The game was quite successful over a decade ago, but since then, FIFA has started to get more and more popular and now the makers of the game, EA Sports, probably feel like they have no competition.

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Is FIFA 22 cross platform?

One thing that FIFA has never done is allow gamers to play each other on different consoles i.e a Playstation player cannot play against someone on the Xbox.

This has been something that many other games have implemented and it is also something that fans want and enjoy.

For the time being, there is no confirmation as to whether EA will be incorporating cross-platform gaming into FIFA 22.

The fact that FIFA 21 did not support cross-platform, even after the new generation consoles were released, suggests that fans still might not get cross-play for FIFA 22.

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Even in the Esports world, something that FIFA is heavily involved in, gamers compete on separate consoles and they have separate competitions for Xbox and Playstation.

Normally more details are released around upcoming FIFA releases when we get to the summer, so it is likely that we will have to wait until then to get more information around the game and whether it will be cross-platform.

It probably isn’t a big priority for EA Sports as the game is so successful without cross-play and they will want to focus on more important things like gameplay and new ideas to make sure fans remain interested in the franchise.

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