Caroline Dubois: The young British boxer who has achieved her Olympic dream

Caroline Dubois

As three more female British boxers secure their place at the Tokyo Olympics, GiveMeSport Women takes a look at one rising star in particular.

Alongside Lauren Price and Charley Davison, Caroline Dubois has booked her spot on the plane to Japan this summer. The 20-year-old is often known simply for being the brother of heavyweight boxer Daniel Dubois, but what is Caroline's story so far?

Growing up in boxing

Like most aspiring professional athletes, they are introduced to their respective sport early on. Dubois was no different – putting on her first pair of boxing gloves when she was just nine years of age.

Despite the many all-girl boxing clubs available during her childhood, Dubois' father wanted his daughter to train at the same top-flight club where her older brother Daniel trained. Sure enough, the youngster attended sessions at this prestigious gym, but all the while pretending to be a boy.

When she was 17, she opened up on the reality of having to pretend to be a young boy called Colin so she was able to train in the club. Dubois revealed the gym didn't accept girls but she was eager to be in the environment where her brother has thrived.

Junior medals

In 2018, Dubois became England's first ever World Youth Champion thanks to a unanimous decision result. That same summer, the teen competed in the Youth Olympics and won gold after beating Porntip Buapa in the final of the girls' lightweight competition.

Dubois has won eight junior titles since she started competing and was named the BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year in 2019.

Caroline Dubois

Last year, after being unbeaten in 40 fights, she expressed her desire to turn professional and make a name for herself in the boxing world. 

Olympic qualification

Dubois is seriously passionate about breaking through the glass ceiling and joining other female boxing greats in the limelight. She has made that first step after delivering on a promise she made to herself three years ago. 

Then a teenager, Dubois said her goal was to represent Team GB at the 2020 Olympics. Of course, with the postponement of the Games, the 20-year-old has had time to get herself in the best possible shape to compete and make it onto the world stage.

Dubois booked her place in Tokyo this summer after beating Italy's Rebecca Nicoli in the quarter-finals of the Olympic Boxing Qualifiers on Sunday. She then went on to thwart Agnes Alexiusson of Sweden earlier today and will now prepare to face Ireland’s Kellie Harrington in the final.

I want to go up, and up, and up. I want to test myself.

"[I want] to make a name for myself as a female fighter," Dubois said during her 2018 interview. "But not even just as a female boxer. If I went pro and I made a name for myself, I wouldn't just want just girls to look up to me I'd want everyone to look up to me.

"Like the way you see Muhammed Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard – they went down as greats in boxing and I would want to go down as a great as well."

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