Lionel Messi: Fans try to explain Barcelona star's insane dribbling for Argentina in 2019


Lionel Messi is one of the greatest dribblers that football has ever seen.

You only have to look at his timeless Barcelona goals against Getafe and Athletic Bilbao to know that when a prime Messi is in full flow with the ball at his feet, there’s simply no stopping him.

And ahead of the 2021 Copa America, the brilliance of Messi has once again come into focus with Argentina likely to rely upon the genius of their captain if they want to go all the way in Brazil.

Messi’s Argentina mission

Besides, his legendary dribbling that could help unlock some of South America’s toughest defences with many of Argentina’s rivals likely to surround Messi with two, three, four or more defenders.

That’s not to say that Messi is going to embark upon a Diego Maradona-like solo goal, but the odd body feint and nutmeg could be crucial when it comes to changing a game in a flash.

Besides, we’ve lost count of the amount of times that Argentina have looked dead and buried in a crucial game, only for Messi to produce the rabbit out of the hat when they needed him most.

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One of the dribbling greats

We can’t wait to see if the Barcelona superstar will produce similar heroism this summer and ahead of the tournament, some of his finest moments in an Argentina shirt are being shared around.

We’re all familiar with his masterclasses at the 2014 FIFA World Cup and iconic hat-trick against Brazil, but a more obscure Messi moment on the international stage has gone viral recently.

And we weren’t talking about his world-class dribbling for no reason because the stunning video, shared by Twitter user @Messi10ENi, hones in on that facet of Messi’s genius.

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Messi’s outrageous dribbling

During a friendly clash with Uruguay in November 2019, Messi produced one of his finest dribbles of all time and proved that he can beat world-class players even when he’s down on the pitch.

The clip might only be seven seconds long, but you’d be forgiven for thinking that Messi was going through an assault course just to keep a hold of the ball. Check it out down below:

There’s no player like Messi, is there?

Heroic play from Messi

It’s astonishing that Messi was literally knocked down to the ground and still managed to use it as an opportunity to pull off what could be likened to be a breakdancing move in order to keep the ball.

In fact, the Argentina hero hit the turf and returned to his feet all in the space of a few seconds and all while keeping possession in the process, eventually slipping the ball to Sergio Aguero.

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Which city was Lionel Messi born and raised?

Whether or not we’ll see another flash of genius like that at the Copa America remains to be seen, but it just goes to show that even the small Messi moments could be hung up in a museum.

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