Roy Keane: Man United legend admits he won't apologise for tackle on Alf-Inge Haaland

Roy Keane was asked the big question by Micah Richards

In 2001, Roy Keane produced one of the worst tackles in Premier League history.

Alf-Inge Haaland – the father of young sensation Erling – was the man on the receiving end of the Irishman’s vicious knee-high challenge.

Keane was righty sent off for the disgraceful tackle and it remains to this very day one of the most infamous moments in modern English football.

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While it’s a myth that the tackle ended Haaland’s career – he actually played on after – Keane’s actions were still beyond reckless.

But does the man himself regret the incident? Well, not exactly.

Keane was asked to give his side of the story by unexpected partner-in-crime Micah Richards during their brilliant new ‘Road to Wembley’ series.

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“To me I was in the battle with people, I was in the middle of the park,” the Manchester United legend replied to Richards’ initial question about the tackle on Haaland.

The former Manchester City defender then suggested that Keane did not mean to injure Haaland and it was more a case of trying to hurt the player.

“No, no of course,” Keane responded in agreement, before adding: “Did I go to hurt players? Of course I did.

“I’d never apologise for that. And people went to hurt me. I never, ever went out to injure a player in my life, [but] did I go out to hurt players? Course.


“When you go for a ball in the middle of the park there’s a good chance that somebody is going to get hurt.”

Shortly after, Keane realised that he had actually opened up to Richards, the Irishman then saying: “This is like my shrink.

“Getting all these things off my chest.”

Unsurprisingly, Keane’s admission sent Richards into one of his regular fits of hysterics.

So there you have it. The Irishman doesn’t regret the tackle and given that Haaland had taunted a seriously-injured Keane around four years prior to the incident, that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

The fiery midfielder-turned-pundit was out for revenge and he certainly got it.

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