F1 2021 Game: New Gameplay Features Explained

F1 2021 will be released on 16th July

Codemasters is set to team up with Electronic Arts (EA) for the first time as F1 2021 is scheduled to be released in the summer.

Their latest creation will be the 11th edition of the series which started back in 2010 and has generated a huge fanbase, mixed with both casual and serious racers that have taken their trade to competitive Esports.

The last game, F1 2020, was received well and was given a Metacritic User Score of 7.7, with an overall 86. This was due to the fact that players could create their team and take part in a full season, as well as with a teammate, engine supplier, fully customisable facilities and more - something that hadn’t been seen before.

Not only that, but you could create your own character and challenge yourself against the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Sebastien Vettel.

F1 2021 will be released on 16th July

F1 2021 will be the first next-gen game that will be available on Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. But what can be expected from F1 2021? What will be included in the first Codemasters and EA collaboration?

Information about the game is still limited and we will update you as more details are unveiled by the developers.

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Here is everything you need to know about F1 2021:

Gameplay Features

F1 2021’s flagship feature appears to be a new story mode which is called Braking Point which takes gamers on an “epic journey” as they rise through the ranks from Formula 2 into the big boy leagues of Formula 1. Not only will the game look at events on the track, but also the glamour and rivalry away from it.

Career Mode will once again be available but with a revolutionary and interesting new twist - a two-player option that allows friends to join together online either as teammates or racing in rival constructors. Also, there will be complete control over driver assists which will be welcoming for the more casual racer.

MyTeam will be making a return, as well as two-player split-screen, Esports qualifying events and shorter season options, providing a mixed variety for all skill levels.

Of course, with the game being available on next-gen consoles, we are expecting more supreme detailing and visuals as well as shorter loading times and an all-around better gaming experience as a whole, made even better if you own and steering wheel and pedals.

We will update this article once more information emerges.

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