NXT UK star Mark Andrews discusses his WWE legacy and future aspirations in pro wrestling

NXT UK star Mark Andrews discusses his future aspirations in WWE

NXT UK Superstar Mark Andrews is a multi-talented man. 

Not only is he an accomplished professional wrestler, but he has recently added a feather to his cap by launching a very well-received podcast. 

'My Love Letter to Wrestling' sees Mark speak to some of the biggest names in WWE - and some of his close friends - as he charts his own career in the industry. 

It's a great listen for both hardcore and casual fans, and really hammers home just how passionate the stars of sports entertainment are. 

While Andrews has played the role of the interviewer in recent weeks, GiveMeSport flipped the script and put the spotlight back on him on Tuesday afternoon. 

Speaking exclusively to Ollie Browning, Mark discussed his future aspirations in WWE and what he wants his professional wrestling legacy to be. 

"I’ve thought about this a lot. The obvious one is I want to be seen as one of the pillars of British wrestling," he said of his potential legacy. 

Andrews has a big career ahead of him in WWE

"The generation that brought British wrestling back to the mainstream during the boom period.

"But on top of that, I’d like to be known for what I’ve given to the cruiserweight wrestling of the world.

Unique reversals [for example] stuff that will be imitated for years. Hopefully, some cruiserweights in 20 years' time can watch my old matches and say 'how does he do this move or this reversal?’

"I’d like to think, my style, there’s some stuff in there that I can make popular. Who knows, fingers crossed. Maybe they’ll just go 'Hey, this guy was bit crap!'" 

Andrews is highly athletic in the ring

Don't worry Mark, no one will be thinking that! The NXT UK star also discussed more short-term goals, which include winning singles gold in WWE. 

"Ah yeah! Honestly, I want all the championships! I would love to be the first singles Welsh champion," he said.

"The next goal on my list, something I need to achieve, is the Cruiserweight Championship. 

Andrews is an accomplished cruiserweight

"In some ways, I feel more passionate about that, than any other championship in the company.

You can ask me if I want that or the Heavyweight Championship and I’ll probably say Cruiserweight.

"That’s the division I’ve represented throughout my career. If I can be the first Welsh singles champion in WWE with the Cruiserweight Championship, that would be a dream come true."  

Mark Andrews and fellow Superstars are in action each week on NXT UK, airing on Thursday at 8pm on WWE Network, repeated Friday’s at 10pm on BT Sport.

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