Montreal Screwjob: Vince McMahon shares his side of infamous story in new WWE doc

McMahon shares his side of infamous WWE Montreal Screwjob story involving Hart

The Montreal Screwjob will forever be known as one of the most controversial moments in WWE history. 

We all know the story by now. 

Back in November 1997, Bret Hart was departing for WCW and *needed* to drop the WWF Championship to Shawn Michaels

Sounds pretty standard in professional wrestling, right? Well, the issue was, The Hitman and HBK hated each other and there was a suggestion that Bret wouldn’t do the right thing. 

So, in front of a hometown crowd in Montreal, Hart was ‘screwed’ by Vince McMahon, who demanded the referee call for the bell before he had tapped out to Michaels’ Sharpshooter.

The belt was safe, of course, but what happened immediately afterward will be remembered forever. 

Hart was visibly furious in the ring, spitting at McMahon before signing the letters ‘WCW’ to the cameras. Backstage, he dropped Vince with a single punch before departing the company. 

Hart was screwed by WWE back in 1997

The Montreal Screwjob is still discussed to this day and we have, of course, heard from all sides involved over the years.

Speaking on a recent WWE Documentary about Bret Hart, which also aired A&E, McMahon himself added new light to the situation. 

“I didn’t want him to go to WCW with our championship,” Vince stated. 

Hart did not tap out to HBK's Sharpshooter

“So the request for Bret would be, ‘Okay, let’s drop this championship back to someone in WWE where it belongs’ and that didn’t happen so I had to do what I had to do.

“It’s no different than an actor in a television series who at the end of it refuses to die or refuses to do the job so to speak. What do you do?

“When, as you call it, the Montreal Screwjob occurred, I wanted to make sure that Bret saw me out at ringside and know that what I did was the right thing to do at least from my standpoint. 

McMahon and Hart clashed in Montreal in 1997

“He’s really good at spitting [chuckles], I’m sorry to say.

“I could have hid, I could have not gone out to the ring at all, I could have left the building and I could have done a lot of things. [Bret] gave me one [punch]. Right to the temple on the left side.”

Over two decades later and the Montreal Screwjob is still so infamous. It sounds like McMahon still believes he’s in the right, though…

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