John Cena heel turn: WWE icon had different gear ready to use if he ever turned

Cena had different gear ready to use if he ever turned heel in WWE

John Cena is one of the greatest WWE stars to ever set foot in the ring. 

The 16-time world champion has spent most of his career positioned as a 'face' character and aside from a few years at the very beginning of his run, was never really a 'bad guy'.

He's seen as the one Superstar that will never turn 'heel' because, let's be honest, if WWE ever wanted to do that, it would have happened long ago. 

Cena's career is still discussed by fans, with many wondering what a potential heel turn would look like. 

Interestingly, it sounds like John was indeed ready to make that change at any moment and apparently had 'heel gear' ready to use.

Speaking on the 'We Watch Wrestling Podcast' former WWE writer Matt McCarthy (who worked for the company on two occasions) said that Cena's heel turn was discussed backstage a fair bit. 

He also confirmed that the 16-time world champ would have ditched his famous 'jorts' if he ever did turn.

Cena would have ditched the jorts in WWE

"Vince [McMahon] kept trying to figure out how do we do like a Bret Hart thing? Where he’s a heel in some places, but he’s a babyface in the rest of the places," McCarthy said.

"Cena was like, ‘If I’m going heel, I want to go full heel,’ and it did get close enough to the point where, and I’m sure he still has this gear.

"Like Cena had gear made for the heel turn, you know? No longer the jorts. I don’t know what the gear was, but he had specific gear made ready and waiting and then obviously we know it never happened."  

Cena would look very different without his merch

Very, very interesting! We would love to see that heel gear if it does really still exist. Sadly though, the moment to turn Cena has long passed.

He's touted with a return to WWE soon, but at this point, we'll all just be happy to see him! There will still be some boos though, we're sure...

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