Battlefield 2042: Robot dogs spotted during world reveal trailer

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 finally released their world trailer and many spotted that Robot dogs look to be a part of the game following the teaser.

Battlefield shocked many when it revealed to the gaming world its new game. Many thought it was going to be Battlefield 6, but instead, developers Electronic Arts have decided to go down the futuristic route with Battlefield 2042.

This is very exciting and with the game set in the future, EA have a lot more creativity and imagination to play with as they look to be a realistic future action game.

With the release of the trailer, we now have a lot more details around the game and what is in store for the gaming community.

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Players will be able to use Robot Dogs in Battlefield 2042

One thing that was spotted by many in the trailer, which was over four minutes long, was the robot dog that was deployed during the action.

The machine fell from the sky, then ran into the action. It looks to be much faster than the characters in the game and also seems to have a gun attached to it.

This is a very exciting feature to add into the game, and stuff like this makes it very unique from the previous games in the franchise.

With such teasers like Robot dogs in the trailer, it is very intriguing to see what secrets Battlefield are keeping to surprise fans with when the game is released.

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With the game seeming to have maps in cities, and also across frozen lands, Battlefield seems to offer a bit of a unique experience to the games currently out at the moment that are popular like Fortnite and Call of Duty.

While these focus on their hugely popular battle royale games, there is no hints or signals to suggest that Battlefield will do the same and this could actually be a bonus as gamers look for different game modes to play.

The game, which releases on October 22nd this year, is now in a great period before it's available to play, as gamers will be treated to sneak peaks throughout the summer.

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