Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley: YouTuber looks petrified of MMA star in face-off promotion

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley will be happening in August and Paul looked petrified to stare Woodley in the eyes.

This will be Paul’s fourth professional boxing fight as the YouTuber with over 20 million subscribers embarks on his boxing career. He has won his first three, but questions have been raised over the qualities of his opponents.

These questions will continue, despite Tyron Woodley being a five-time UFC champion, as it means Paul still has yet to face another pro boxer.

Despite this, the two have clearly got some hate for each other and the event should be a good watch for all boxing fans.

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Jake Paul doesn’t look Tyron Woodley in the eye at media duties

The two met whilst recording media duties to promote the event which happens on August 28th and someone behind the scenes recorded them.

During the video shown of the two, Woodley looks Paul in the eyes a fair bit as he tries to get into his head, while the American YouTuber doesn’t look him in the eyes once.

Many are suggesting that Paul is too scared to look at the UFC Champion and this won’t do his reputation any good before the fight.

The two have already squared up in Miami, where Paul looked a lot more confident as he offered to put the money on the line in a bet.

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No matter what the two looked like on media duties, the fight should be a good one. Both Jake and Logan Paul frustrated boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and now the undefeated professional has offered to train Woodley.

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This could give Woodley a huge advantage and could worry Paul before the fight, but he looked good against UFC fighter Ben Askren in the boxing ring, so it is hard to decide which fighter comes out on top.

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