Meiko Satomura ends Kay Lee Ray's 649 day run as WWE NXT UK Women's Champion

WWE NXT UK crowned a new champion this week

Kay Lee Ray is the “Forever Champion” no more.

After holding the NXT UK Women’s Title for 649 days, Ray was finally done in by a gutsy effort from world-traveled legend Meiko Satomura.

On this week’s episode of WWE’s British Brand, the challenger got her redemption after a narrow championship loss to The Scary Queen of Scots in March.

With a big-fight feel permeating the arena from the first note of Satomura’s theme music until the final three-count, champion and challenger predictably waged another instant classic.

Their efforts were highlighted by a blistering series of match-opening kicks from Satomura, a savage fight around the ringside area and an edge-of-your-seat exchange of strong submission holds. 

In a back and fourth bout, Ray appeared to be closing in on another victory with a trio of superkicks to the jaw, but Satomura somehow kept rising to her feet, even after Ray connected with a picture-perfect senton from the top rope. 

The title action on NXT UK was epic this week

The seemingly frustrated champion attempted to leave with her title, only to be cut off by Satomura, who ducked when Ray tried to strike her with the belt and dropped her with a fireman’s carry takedown on the ringside floor.

Back in the squared circle, Satomura fought her way out of an excruciating submission hold, nailed Ray with a kick to the head and landed Scorpio Rising for the history-making pinfall!

With tears in her eyes, she celebrated her incredible championship win in a sea of colorful streamers as NXT UK concluded. 

Satomura celebrates her incredible title win on NXT UK

What a truly epic match! Reacting to the result, Triple H posted one of his famous ‘point’ photos on social media, but with a little bit of a twist this time.

He couldn’t, of course, take the photo in person, so Photoshopped himself next to Meiko until they can get a real snap.

“…until we can do the real one. Congratulations to the FINAL BOSS and the NEW NXT UK Women’s Champion… Meiko Satomura!!!” Triple H wrote. 

Triple H praises Satomura after her NXT UK title win

Brilliant. What an evening on NXT UK!

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