Battlefield 2042: Online leaks emerge regarding possible 'Hub'

Battlefield 2042 is expected to be released before the end of 2021.

Battlefield 2042 has now been revealed to the world and the excitement is starting to build for its hugely anticipated release.

EA and DICE have teamed up once more to provide a new installation to the mass warfare franchise, and its world premiere reached over 11 million views on YouTube inside the first 48 hours.

While we saw many exciting details with the new trailer with futuristic warfare such as robotic dogs on the battlegrounds, there could be even more to come as the infamous E3 expo approaches.

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The series started with Battlefield: 1942, which was a revolutionary large-scale multiplayer experience for its time - with up to 64 players battling in seismic maps back in 2002 for PC, Mac OS and OS X.

As the years rumbled on and with respective Sony and Microsoft consoles improving with technology, the franchise is now at Battlefield V with another WWII game that did not go down well with fans, selling significantly lower than Battlefield 1 did, according to GameSpot.

With Battlefield 2042 set to be the sixth main chapter of the series, more details are expected to be revealed as we move closer to the launch date.

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'Hub' coming to Battlefield 2042?

While Battlefield has predominantly stuck to its foundations over the years with its historic war settings, it appears that they could be taking a step in an entirely new direction and not just with the time period.

Tom Henderson has been revealing on Twitter more information about what EA and DICE could have under their sleeve, with some possible new game modes on the way for gamers to embrace.

He spoke about the possible introduction of "redacted mode" to the game, which could be masked as the "Battlefield Hub" that was previously leaked online several months ago.

He added: 

The email did contain some info and images - At this stage I can't verify it 100% and it could all be made up, so I'll do some more digging, but it certainly makes sense as a "love letter". But it will be very interesting if true.

Time will tell whether these rumours come to the forefront and include themselves in the game, giving fans of the series a huge range of choice and a chance of a nostalgia trip playing some old titles.

Here's to hoping.

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