Lewis Hamilton: Legend Jeff Gordon makes claim if F1 star switched to NASCAR

jeff gordon

4-time NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon has said that Lewis Hamilton would be a success in the stock-car discipline if he ever decided to swap it with Formula 1.

Hamilton has had lots of opportunities to try different motorsports over the years, thanks to his massive success in F1 and obvious passion for all things on four, and two, wheels.

Indeed, he was a guest of Gordon's family at the NASCAR legend's final race a few years ago and, clearly, there is a strong relationship between the two champions.

That's been underlined further with Gordon's prediction that Hamilton could be a real success in NASCAR if he suddenly wanted to join the States-based championship, with him the latest guest on Formula 1's Beyond the Grid Podcast:

"I have enough confidence in my abilities that I feel like had I taken that path, I would have been successful," said Gordon. "Same for Lewis Hamilton.

"When you have that ability and that talent to find the limit of the car and you have the confidence, drive and desire to push yourself in every aspect - mentally, physically, being completely dedicated to it, you are going to be successful in that discipline, for sure."


Hamilton, of course, will be fully focused on trying to win an eighth world title this year in Formula 1 but you'd never be surprised to at least see him take part in certain other races and categories later in his career if that's what he wishes to do.

We've seen plenty of drivers cross over into IndyCar for the Indy 500, of course, whilst the likes of Juan Pablo Montoya and Kimi Raikkonen have both competed in NASCAR in the past.

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