Back 4 Blood: Summer Game Fest 2021 Trailer Unveiled

Back 4 Blood will be released on 12th October 2021.

Back 4 Blood is on its way this autumn and excitement is starting to build for Warner Bros' latest creation.

The Left 4 Dead (L4D) series looked to have ground to a halt for some time after the continuous delays occurred for the third game - with some concluding that we may not see it after all.

But those whispers were soon squashed as the game's developers revealed Back 4 Blood, which effectively is L4D3], and was part of the Summer Game Fest Kickoff show on 10th June 2021.

While Turtle Rock Studios have been generous in showing what the game will include with their unique deck-building feature, they are now starting to show their poker hand even more as the warmer months approach.

The co-op zombie shooter has attracted a huge fanbase since the first edition was launched back in 2008 and took the gaming community by storm. Just 12 months after that, Valve introduced Left 4 Dead 2 and there has been no further game produced since, releasing ‘The Last Stand’ downloadable content (DLC) last year.

Turtle Rock have refused to rest on their laurels as they will look to take the game over to next-generation platforms for the first time, with the adaption of PC specifications bringing a more crisp and cleaner gaming experience all-round.

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Summer Game Fest 2021 Trailer

The game's developers shared an all-new look for L4D2's successor as the co-op zombie thriller featured during the Summer Game Fest 2021.

As you can see from their YouTube video, there is a lot featured in the short trailer with new bosses, weapons and characters to play as, with a perfect blend of cinematics.

Most gamers will be revealed that the foundations of the original game have been restored, which is why the series has been as successful as it has been.

Warner Bros provided a statement with their trailer to give some background to players on what to expect.

The Back 4 Blood story takes place after a catastrophic outbreak where most of humanity has either been killed or infected by the parasitic Devil Worm. Hardened by unspeakable events and emboldened to fight for the last of humanity, a group of apocalypse veterans called the Cleaners have rallied to take on the infected horrors known as the Ridden and reclaim the world.

Back 4 Blood will be released on 12th October 2021 for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PS4 and PC, including cross-play and cross-gen access and support.

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