YouTube vs TikTok Boxing: Deji and Fousey awkward backstage altercation


Deji Olatunji and Fousey had a pretty awkward encounter backstage at the weigh-in of YouTube vs TikTok yesterday, but fortunately for us, there were cameras around to catch the altercation.

Who are we kidding, of course there were cameras. These guys are social media wizards... they know never to miss an opportunity for clicks or to go viral!

There has been beef between the two, which dates back to 2019, when Deji, who is KSI's younger brother, challenged the YouTuber named Yousef Erafat to a boxing match.

He said: “Hey Fousey, if you wanna spar, let’s go, alright?

"I tried contacting you – we talked for a bit, and then you just ghosted. So I’m saying this now – if you want to spar, Fousey – me and you, no cameras if you don’t want cameras, or we can film it – we can spar. I can show you that you’re nowhere near ready.”

Fousey responded by saying: “Yo Deji, you’re hands down the BIGGEST B**** on YouTube. All you do is talk s*** you can’t back up. That’s why your own brother doesn’t claim you. You won’t see me OR Alex on the undercard. If you want it you can get it. Until then, go hide in your brother’s shadow.”

The two would've been working closely together over the past few weeks due to the YouTube vs TikTok boxing event, which takes place tonight.

In a clip that has since emerged on social media, the two can be seen bumping into each other backstage.

This is when the awkward altercation takes place, as can be seen in the clip above.

We can see Fousey wanting to talk to Deji, but the latter refusing to do so. Both then accused the other of not showing respect.

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Well, it's fair to say that there is no love lost between both Deji and Fousey and there's no knowing when their beef will end. 

The latter currently works as a boxing promoter and has also had a fight against Slim Albaher in London, which he lost. 

Deji will be competing in tonight's YouTube vs TikTok event as he fights Vinnie Hacker. Other fights include AnEsonGIb vs Tayler Holder, Tanner Fox vs Rylad Storms, Faze Jarvis vs Michael Le, DDG vs Nate Wyatt and Austin McBroom vs Bryce Hall, which is the main event.

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