Christian Eriksen: Denmark manager explains the decision made to resume Finland match


Christian Eriksen is stable and that’s all that matters right now.

The Denmark midfielder collapsed on the pitch in the first half of their Euro 2020 clash against Finland.

There were immediate concerns as he received immediate medical attention.

The Danish players formed a shield around Eriksen to shield the distressing scenes from the rest of the world.

The match - and the tournament - couldn’t have been any less relevant at that stage.

However, images soon emerged of Eriksen conscious as he was stretchered off the pitch.


Statements from UEFA and the Danish FA then confirmed that Eriksen was, indeed, awake and stable.

Incredibly, UEFA then revealed that the match would resume after almost two hours break. It’s claimed that Eriksen spoke to his Denmark teammates and assured them he was okay.

Denmark went on to lose the match 1-0 but it was clear they had more important matters on their mind during the second half.

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Should they have been allowed to continue?

Well, after the match, manager Kasper Hjulmand explained the decision-making process.

"There was no pressure from UEFA to do it tonight. These two options were clearly lined up,” said a clearly emotional Hjulmand.

“There were no other options because Finland play the 16th and we play the 17th. Had they played the same day, we could have played the match a day later. But it was either tonight or tomorrow at 12.00.

"It was totally unmanageable for the players to imagine not being able to sleep tonight - and then having to show up tomorrow and drive the bus in and play the match tomorrow. It was more confusing than trying to get in now and - quite frankly - trying to get it over with. Getting it put behind us. It was the choice that time went by. It was the choice that the players chose together.

“There are players in there who are completely emotionally finished. The vast majority said it was impossible. 'We can not play'. And they sit and hold each other. It is a traumatic experience. That's how it is. It was something about trying to go out and do what we can.

“We had some talk that we should allow the emotions that are. Everyone must say no. There were players who said they could not play. There were players who said they wanted to try.”

It makes you think whether or not the match really should have continued on Saturday.

If the Denmark players had waited and discovered more positive news regarding Eriksen’s health, perhaps they would have been in a better state of mind to play the match the following day.

Either way, let’s hope the Danish players get the support they need after witnessing such a traumatic ordeal.

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