UFC 263: Nate Diaz and Leon Edwards produce one of the craziest final rounds ever


Nate Diaz returned to the Octagon last night in a gruelling contest which saw him battle against Leon Edwards at UFC 263.

Edwards appeared to be riding a gentle wave to a victory until being rocked to the very core in the closing moments of the UFC bout..

Diaz has vented out frustration after a disappointed loss to mark his in-ring return to action last night and claims that he would defeat his British rival in a ‘real fight’ after his lightweight counterpart overcame what was a scare unlike no other in the fifth and final round of the bout.

This is now a tenth-successive victory for Edwards, 29, who saw off veteran slugger Diaz – now 36.

Diaz has been known to come out swinging as the fight reaches climax, he let no fan down when he did just that in the fifth round at UFC 263 last night.

Diaz’s ability to get hit and carry on like nothing has happened is extraordinary and proved just how tough his chin really is when push came to shove last night.

It was touch and go for a nervy few minutes for Edwards with fans unsure as to how well he could fend off an oncoming onslaught from Diaz.

It wasn’t to be for Diaz however, but he has not left fans disappointed, not by a long stretch – he is definitely one of the toughest pound-for-pound fighters of his generation inside an Octagon, his record and ability to absorb punishment prove that.

Edwards went onto win 49-46 across the board with a frustrated Diaz claiming that if the fight had lasted a few more rounds he would be getting his hand raised instead.

It is uncertain what Diaz plans to do next, having already cryptically retired from the sport around 18 months ago with a post on his social media suggesting he was going to walk away.


That means very little though, with other big names like Conor McGregor appearing to retire a total of three times already, yet he’s come back every time.

Diaz is perhaps in the Autumn of his career now as a fighter and so he will have to pick his next couple of fights carefully if he chooses to continue, his legacy is already made, however, as in his fights, Diaz likes to come out swinging – so we shall see, could there be another title charge?

At 36 he is in incredible shape, perhaps it would not be wise to wright him off just yet.

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