Roman Reigns: WWE will turn star 'face' when he achieves one thing

Reigns will be turned face by WWE when he achieves one thing

Roman Reigns is the biggest star in professional wrestling right now and carrying that status means WWE have to work extra hard to keep his storylines engaging. 

Heel Roman is the biggest draw on the roster and he simply has to be in the main event of the show. 

Whether it's WrestleMania or a weekly episode of SmackDown, The Tribal Chief always closes the show. 

It's been reported that plans for Reigns and his stable are laid out months in advance. 

This week, Dave Meltzer discussed more longer-term plans for WWE's top Superstar during an episode of Wrestling Observer Radio.

He's been compared to AEW's Kenny Omega and the suggestion is that Roman will turn babyface in the future, once he has been elevated to the level of John Cena, Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart and Bruno Sammartino. 

"In time, Kenny Omega is doing this heel turn to come back and turn and be a big babyface, whenever that will be in a year or whatever..." Meltzer said. 

Reigns will be turned face in the future

"Roman Reigns and Kenny Omega are essentially the same character in the sense that they are heels who are being groomed to be the top babyface star down the line of the promotion.

"AEW is at least trying to book in a way to make the matches exciting and WWE is trying to book Roman Reigns and tell you ‘eh it doesn’t matter, he’s gonna kill the guy'."

WrestlingNews added further substance to that report by revealing a source within the company has told them:

"Vince [McMahon] doesn’t want to portray Roman as a cowardly heel who gets his ass kicked 50 percent of the time.  

Reigns will continue to dominate as a heel

"He’s the guy who will carry the company for the next few years and Vince sees him as his top priority. Protect Roman at all costs."

Of course, we always knew that Reigns wouldn't be a bad guy forever. Very few WWE Superstars stay as either heel or face for their entire career. 

We certainly don't know when that turn will come, but it's unlikely to be anytime soon, given that Roman is absolutely killing his role as the dominant Tribal Chief. 

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